Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Brass Band I Could Do Without: Ozark Mountains British Brass Band

Last one to penetrate a cousin is a rotten egg!

I typed OMBBB into Google to see if our blog would be listed. And it wasn't. BUT, here's the good news people- Google nailed OMBBB.741.com. For the few of you who are not familiar this is the website of the Ozark Mountain British Brass Band. Finally a hit band to come out of Northwest Arkansas. You were due! Anyways, to the band: I would like to be the first to extend a giant FUCK YOU from our team to yours. Your website looks like it was made by a fucking 4th grader. You're making us both look real shitty. I don't care if you are "the only organized British brass band in a 4 state area," I heard your holiday concert on December 5th sucked balls. You know why you are the only British brass band in 4 states? Because its not normal, that's why. Why can't you just watch Nascar, drink bud heavy, fire your guns off in the air, and talk about how Jews are ruining the economy like the rest of the Arkansas hicks? You have to run around organizing British brass bands and ruining perfectly good acronyms? Fuck you guys.

On a serious note, if you have a minute you should really check out the website. You even have the ability to e-mail the band members! For us groupies, or as we call ourselves-OMBBBoopies, this can be a real treat. For example, I got the opportunity to reach out, via email, to my all time favorite Flugelhorn player: Drew Morris. Best day everrrrrrr.

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